Welcome to Patras!

Welcome to Patras!

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The third-largest Greek city is located at the foot of Mount Panahaikon. It was named after the mythical hero Patreas, a descendant of Lacademnon, the founder of Sparta, and the Greeks also call it "the Gateway to the West". Patras stretches for 25 km along Patras Bay. Because mountains rise in the coastal belt by the sea, the city is built on two levels linked by stairs. The older part of town, with the fortress, is on an elevated plateau, while the newer part, built in the last 200 years, is by the sea. Patras is one of those cities that never sleeps. You can spend your days in Patras walking through the city squares and admiring the beauty of the city's recognisable neoclassical buildings. Visit the city museums, including the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Arts Museum, and The Historical and Ethnological Museum. The medieval fortress also awaits at the very top of the city.

Remember, Patras is a city perfect for shopping, restaurants and nightlife, so make sure to try everything it has to offer. The lively streets of Patras await!

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