Welcome to Lesbos!

Welcome to Lesbos!

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Welcome to Lesbos, Greece's third largest island!

It's not without reason Lesbos is known as "the garden of the Aegean", given that it's home to 11 million olive trees, which amounts to 126 trees per capita! 

With 70 km in length, 45 km in width and 90,000 inhabitants, Lesbos is the largest of the Aegean islands. 

Its history goes back to ancient Greece. Legend says that the Agean sea's waves threw the head and lyre of Orpheus, the legendary musician, poet, and prophet, on the shores of Lesbos.

Don't waste any time and start exploring the home of Aristotle and Epicurus,  all with a Carwiz vehicle along for the ride! 

See you there!

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