Welcome to Karpathos!

Welcome to Karpathos!

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Karpathos is unmistakably the island of high mountains and amazing landscapes, with small colourful fishing villages and crystal clear blue sea.  As one of the Dodecanese islands, Karpathos is the ideal summer destination.
The people of Karpathos know how to welcome visitors and enjoy the beauty of their island, while the long tradition, cordiality and hospitality of the local population always pleasantly surprise everyone.

The village of Olympos is particularly interesting because its inhabitants still speak the old dialect and follow ancient Greek traditions, making it a true living museum.

Pigadia, also known as Karpathos, is the island's capital and main port, and it is home to a number of tourist attractions. Vouno Hill, with the Acropolis atop it, towers over the city, and on the other side, you can admire the impressive architecture from the island's Venetian rule. Poseidon's Cave is located near the town of Myloi, a small village on the coast.

The rich culture and history of this island, as well as its breathtaking natural beauty, will not disappoint; unforgettable vacations and adventures await on Karpathos!

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