Travel to Thessaloniki: Visit all the top attractions!

If you are wondering what you can do when you visit Thessaloniki, the co-capital has everything! Museums, parks, UNESCO monuments, great food and department stores. After all, it is a city that has incorporated different cultures and traditions and made them its own tradition.
Travel to Thessaloniki: Visit all the top attractions!

Museums, parks, UNESCO monuments, excellent food, big brands, and malls. You will find all of the above and many more in the co-capital of Greece, a city that has incorporated different cultures and traditions and made them its own. Thessaloniki is one of the best destinations for car trips, especially if you have a safe and comfortable vehicle.

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You can easily explore the city center on foot, e-scooter, or bike. There are many beautiful areas though, such as Mount Athos, Lake Kerkini, the villages of Paleos Panteleimonas and Goumenissa, Mount Olympus, the delta of the Axios River, Prespes lakes, and many more, which are popular winter getaways from Thessaloniki and they can be visited only by car.
Choose a period that suits you best and explore attractions that will stay in your memory forever, with a little help from Carwiz.

Kerkini Lake

How will I get there?

You can reach Thessaloniki, a city of 1 million inhabitants, in many different ways: by car, train, plane, or ferry. Should you choose to travel by plane, train, or ferry, pick car rentals in Thessaloniki from Carwiz, in order to move safely and comfortably.

Thessaloniki: What you should do downtown 

White Tower

It is the symbol of the city and its most photographed spot. It is located at the end of Leoforos Nikis Avenue, in front of Thermaikos Sea, and was built by the Ottomans in the mid-15th century. It is 34 meters high, and before adopting its current name it had several others, such as the Lion Tower, the Janissary Tower, and the Blood Tower. In 1826, it functioned as a prison for long-term convicts, while today it functions as an interactive museum where you will learn a lot about the rich history of Thessaloniki. On the outer area of the Tower, you will find metal plates containing interesting and fun facts about locations and milestones for the city.

The White Tower, Thessaloniki

Alexander the Great Statue

Next to the White Tower stands the Statue of Alexander the Great, which was inaugurated in 1974 symbolizing the inseparable connection between Thessaloniki and the Greek legend. The statue depicts Alexander the Great on Bucephalas, his horse and loyal companion on his expeditions for two decades. You can admire and enjoy the statue at Nea Paralia, in an elevated spot that, together with the podium, reaches 11 meters. Alexander the Great Statue is made by the sculptor Evangelos Moustakas, and it is six meters high and weighs four tons.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

In the same area, very close to Aristotelous Square, lies one of the most fascinating museums in the city. The Archaeological Museum is housed in a magnificent building that's been declared a preserved monument of modern heritage. There, you will have the opportunity to see permanent exhibitions from prehistoric times to the end of antiquity, but you will also learn about the rich history of Ancient Macedonia. What's more, educational programs for children are often, so if you have a family you might find something interesting for them as well. If you have chosen to rent a car in Thessaloniki, you will find it difficult to park near the museum. It's best to find a private parking lot or places where parking is allowed.


Very close to Aristotelous Square stands the hip neighborhood of Ladadika, filled with taverns, nightclubs, and bars. There you will eat traditional Asia Minor dishes to gourmet European flavors, you will drink coffee in a carved pot, you will try colorful cocktails, and you will listen to every kind of music, from rebetika (Greece's blues) to Latin. The area was named Ladadika because in the past there was a wholesale trade of olive oil. Today, in addition to different styles of shops, you can also admire neoclassical buildings, that managed to be saved from the devastating fire of 1917.

Ladadika in Thessaloniki

MOMus – Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki

Over 90,000 photographic objects dating from 1890 to 2015 are housed in the modern museum of Thessaloniki, next to the port. The museum belongs to the Metropolitan Organization of Museums of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki (MOMus) and was born from the amalgamation of five different cultural spaces from Thessaloniki and Athens. The main project managed by the Museum of Photography is the organization of the Thessaloniki Photobiennale.

New beach (Nea Paralia)

The most romantic walk in a Greek city takes place in Nea Paralia, between the sea and noteworthy attractions. It is the favorite activity of the residents of the co-capital when they want to relax, go out with their children, and exercise. On a 3.5-kilometer route that starts from the White Tower, you will see the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and the famous Umbrellas of Zongolopoulos. Whatever time should you decide to go, don't miss out on the floating all-day bar/boats to take a short but sweet journey on Thermaikos gulf. The easiest way to get around the city is by walking but the most comfortable is by car. Explore your options for renting a car in Thessaloniki from the airport and find a parking space through relevant applications.

Nea Paralia in Thessaloniki

Aristotelous Square 

You will find lots of reasons to love the central square of the city and the truth is, you won't get the vibe of Thessaloniki if you won't pass by Aristotelous Square. It was built after a particularly unpleasant event for the city, the great fire of 1917. Ernest Hébrard did his best and designed a masterpiece that reflects the character of the city; cosmopolitan, in front of Thermaikos sea, ideal for walking, coffee, eating, and shopping. The renowned Thessaloniki International Film Festival takes place in Olympion, one of the two impressive buildings of the square. Opposite Olympion is the Electra Palace Hotel, a landmark of the city due to its location.

Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki

Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios

Thessaloniki is the first and the most prominent choice for family getaways on the Greek national day of October 28th. Along with the national holiday, the city celebrates its patron Saint Demetrius Myrovlytis on October 26th. The temple is located downtown and it is the largest, oldest, and one of the most significant ones in Northern Greece. It is a very important Byzantine monument and in 1998 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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It is one of the most important monuments of the Roman era and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. It was built in 304 A.D. by the emperor Galerius and its name is due to its circular shape. It is reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome, while over the years it functioned as both a Christian temple and a mosque. Since 1912 it has been dedicated to Saint Georgios. Its interior is distinctive with large windows, elaborate mosaics, and hagiographies dating back to the 5th century.

Saint George Rotunda

Tower of OTE 

It is the only building in Greece with a rotating ground floor. The construction of the iconic tower, which is located in the area of the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, started in 1968 and lasted 2 years. The architect Alexandros Anastasiadis is its designer and its “inspirer”. At the top, there is a restaurant that needs a reservation since it is endowed with the best view of the city.

OTE Tower, Thessaloniki

Life in Thessaloniki is anything but boring. It has the sea, intense nightlife, historical monuments, traditional neighborhoods, and many options for delicious food. Exploring it becomes even more comfortable if you choose to rent a car from Carwiz to discover and visit all the hidden gems nearby.

Choose a rental car for Thessaloniki 

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