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Athens can become the best starting point for a car holiday in nearby areas, especially if you choose to rent a car from Carwiz and enjoy excellent services.
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Life in Athens does not only mean traffic, big crowds and tall buildings. The capital can become the best starting point for a car holiday in nearby areas. Friday morning you wake up in the city and the very same night you sleep in a room with a view of the mountain or the sea, 200 kilometers from your home. Isn’t that great? It can get even better if you choose to rent a car from Athens with the excellent services of Carwiz. You traveled safely using our vehicles during the 28th October getaway, and now it's time to plan your next trips.

All Roads Lead to Delphi 


Travel to the "navel of the earth", the center of the world, according to mythology. The city of Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many tourists put it at the top of their list when they come to Greece. The best way to visit it is to rent a car from Athens airport, in order to get there comfortably and fast. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi unravels the story of the Oracle and takes you on a journey to the mysterious side of ancient Greece. Very close to Delphi is Arachova, the top destination for skiers, as well as for traditional flavors.

Distance from Athens: 188 km.

Evia is a place you will revisit again and again


Do you want to be on a mountain? Done! Do you need some sea? Check! Evia will put you in a holiday mood every weekend. Within an hour from your home, you are next to the sea for a coffee, ouzo and seafood. You can get to Evia in many ways, such as by ferry from Agia Marina. You will disembark at Styra, an ideal place for family getaways. Also, from Rafina, you will reach Marmari and from there you will explore Karystos together with the rest of southern Evia. The roads in Evia are a bit rough, and the most carefree way to drive them is to find the smartest car hire from Athens.

Distance from Athens: 80 km.

Kalavrita: The perfect combination of nature and tradition


Take to the mountains and travel to an unspoilt environment that preserves its traditional style and natural beauty. Despite the fact that every winter Kalavryta is "flooded" with crowds, the place has not been altered by mass tourism. If you find yourself in the village and the square of Kalavryta in winter, you will discover taverns with large fireplaces, and shops to buy local delicacies and herbs from the mountain. There are many suggestions for accommodation, so you will always find what you are looking for. Very often, the roads to Kalavrita get icy and good tires and special chains are essential. Don't worry if you don't have them, choose car rental from Piraeus, or any other point served by Carwiz.

Distance from Athens: 200 km.

If you don’t own a car, you should not give up traveling. Organize your vacation and book one of our rental cars that suit you and enjoy every holiday!

The cosmopolitan Loutraki


Luxury hotels, restaurants by the sea and a colorful sunset await you in the city of the Corinthian Gulf. One of the most famous attractions in the area is Lake Vouliagmeni, which is 16 km from Loutraki and next to it is the Archaeological Site of Heraion. Another reason to visit it is its thermal springs. The Municipal Thermal Springs are housed in an imposing space with impressive mosaics, but you will certainly find private thermal baths and spas as well.

Distance from Athens: 96 km.

Fall in love with Nafplio


There are many nearby destinations from Athens for a three-day getaway. The town of Argolis, however, is one of the most popular destinations, filled with visitors throughout the year. From 1823 to 1834 it was the first capital of Greece and it still has important attractions from this period. In Nafplio you will see the First Gymnasium of Greece, the First Ministry of the Military, the First Parliament and the First Pharmacy. At the same time, the alleys of the old town of Nafplion, the tour of Arvanitia and the boat ride to Bourtzi preserve the romantic style of the city.

Distance from Athens: 140 km.

Porto Heli feels like an island

The cosmopolitan town of the Argosaronic Gulf has hidden coves with green waters, the lagoon of Ververondas and the ruins of the ancient city of Alia. From Agios Emilianos you can see the lights in Spetses and the water taxis are willing to take you to the island at any moment of the day. At the same time, frequent ship rides take you to Spetses and Hydra. Since cars are not allowed on these two islands, you can leave yours at the port of Porto Heli and explore the area by boat.

Carwiz allows you to book car rental from the port of Piraeus. Now, with the metro in full operation, this is the ideal starting point for your trip, whether you start from Athens or arrive in Athens from an island.

Distance from Athens: 177 km.

Make your trip a relaxing affair by choosing Carwiz, the pioneer car rental company. Drive safely, take on rough routes with confidence and sit comfortably in the seats of a new car. The roads are open for you to explore!

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