5+1 Destinations near Thessaloniki for a 3-day getaway!

Discover the top destinations of Northern Greece! Starting from the charming Nymphi of Thermaikos, you can tour among wonderful cities with rich beauty and attractions. Organize a dreamy 3-day trip a breath away from Thessaloniki with Carwiz as your guide, of course!
5+1 Destinations near Thessaloniki for a 3-day getaway!

If you find yourself in Thessaloniki, or as the locals call it “The Nymph of Thermaikos”, dedicate some time to discover the surrounding beauties of the north. The must-visit coastal and non-coastal destinations near Thessaloniki await you for moments of absolute relaxation and recreation. And remember, for car rental in Thessaloniki, you have Carwiz. Modern fleet and services without hidden or unnecessary charges, will bring you closer to the getaway of your dreams.

Do not forget before you start exploring the surrounding areas to admire the attractions of Thessaloniki, such as the White Tower, the Acropolis and the Eptapyrgio.

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Goumenissa Kilkis: Enjoy nature and delicious food

Close to Thessaloniki, in the prefecture of Kilkis, you will find Goumenissa, a town with history, unique nature and the essence of a past era. Vineyards, picturesque streets, mansions of preserved Macedonian architecture and flowery courtyards are just a few of the things that make up the special setting for a perfect excursion. Built at an altitude of 250 meters at the foothills of Mount Paiko, Goumenissa offers impressive routes, customs and its monasteries of exceptional beauty. Have a coffee or tsipouro in one og the traditional cafes located on the central square. Enjoy a hike in nature or have a picnic next to the waterfalls of the Emerald Lake of Skra, a unique landscape for photos and relaxation. Recharge your batteries with the greatness of the nature of Northern Greece.

Goumenissa, Kilkis

Beaches and villages of Halkidiki: Countless possibilities for walks

One of the most famous coastal destinations near Thessaloniki is Halkidiki. Many tourists arrive by plane and decide to rent a car from the airport of Thessaloniki and immediately set off for their destination in Halkidiki. 

Beach in Halkidiki

It is a paradise on earth that you can find just an hour from Thessaloniki. Visitors from Greece and abroad visit this city annually. And how can we blame them? There you will find tropical organized beaches with crystal clear waters for sunbathing lovers, pristine covers for those who love privacy and tranquility, traditional settlements and cosmopolitan resorts for every taste, as well as delicious local specialties. Over the years, Halkidiki has always been a safe choice for those who want to have vacations by car. If you are one of them, Carwiz has plenty of rental options for you.

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Lake Kerkini: Admire the beauty of the rich ecosystem

An escape to Lake Kerkini is a must as it offers a sensual experience for every desire. The enchanting scenery is worth every minute of the journey.

Lake Kerkini

It is protected by the Ramsar Convention and is regarded part of the European Network "Natura 2000", Lake Kerkini is one of the most important European ecosystems.  It is also considered a protected wetland that is home to many mammals, fish, 320 species of birds, but also rare and endangered birds of prey. Enjoy a relaxing stroll on the lake and organize excursions with outdoor sports activities, such as hiking, horse riding, off-road adventures with a 4x4, cycling, canoeing, and boating. Don't forget to stock up on local products such as handmade pasta made from buffalo milk, jams, sauces from local tomato varieties, buffalo meat, cured meats, cheese and sausages. For your accommodation, you will find traditional guesthouses with a magnificent view of the lake offering unique moments of rest and harmony, gazing at the surrounding landscape.

Xanthi: The Lady of Thrace

It is difficult to choose the perfect destination for a three-day getaway near Thessaloniki! However, Xanthi, with the impressive crossroads of the West and the East, guides you on a wonderful journey through space and time.

The Old Town of Xanthi

The old town is the best attraction with its special architecture, stone buildings, picturesque narrow streets, imposing churches and former tobacco warehouses that now house cultural exhibits and museums. Preserved mansions with influences from the East contribute to the general atmosphere of a captivating past era, with a long history and respect for tradition. Pomakochoria, the walk in the Delta of Nestos River, the exploration of Lake Vistonida and the local flavors, with the syrupy sweets served in taverns of the old town, as well as the kariokas, will make you enjoy every minute in the city of the thousand colors and scents.

Kastoria: The city with its noble beauty

Get to know Northern Greece this summer, having Thessaloniki as a starting point, with the assistance of Carwiz. Start your journey from Makedonia airport, after picking up the car that will take you to the destination of your dreams, and drive to Kastoria! Romantic and mysterious, it is perfect for endless walks around the lake, boating, relaxation and delicious food.


In Kastoria, wonderful Instagram pictures will fill both your memory and your phone. Visit the Dragon’s Cave, the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa, the Doltso and Apozari villages, the picturesque neighborhoods with cobble streets and impressive mansions of typical Macedonian architecture. Climb on the top of the hill of Profitis Ilias for a panoramic view of the city.

Vergina: Tour of the famous Royal Tombs

There is no way to visit the northern part of Greece and not combine your trip with this destination of great cultural interest. Vergina is a symbol of unique national heritage that takes you back in time with rich findings and treasures of inestimable value. Just an hour away from Thessaloniki you will get a little closer to the history of the place.


An archaeological wonder protected by Unesco. Learn about the life, rise, fall and death of the Macedonian King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Don't leave without visiting the tomb of the king and the other members of the royal family, the Palace, the Ancient Theater of Aigai and the Museum, which contain emblematic treasures of the Greek period.

There are so many options in destinations for summer or winter getaways from Thessaloniki that you will never get bored. Wander through the beauties of Northern Greece and give yourself and your loved ones unforgettable moments. Create the most beautiful memories with Carwiz and enjoy your carefree trip!

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