5+1 Best beaches near Chania!

Explore the best beaches near Chania, Crete. Read our travel guide to the most beautiful beaches and plan the most unforgettable vacation.
5+1 Best beaches near Chania!

The beaches of the Chania region rank among the best in Crete, and rightfully so. Whether you're traveling with family, friends, or your partner, you'll surely find the perfect beach to enjoy unique moments of relaxation. Start planning your vacation in Crete with the help of Carwiz. Complete a car rental in Chania to travel comfortably and safely. If you're arriving at the island by air, choose car rentals at Chania Airport. Continue reading below and take notes so you don't leave any beach off your list. The best beaches in Chania are waiting for you!

Balos: An exotic paradise with crystal clear waters

balos beach

Straight out of a postcard, the lagoon of Balos is your first choice. The shallow turquoise waters and golden sands attract thousands of tourists annually who come to see the unique colors and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters. If you plan to visit the island during the summer months, make sure to be at Balos early to find a sunbed. If your vacation dates are flexible, consider visiting Balos towards the end of August to enjoy your swims in peace.

Elafonissi: The Caribbean of Crete with sandy shores


White sand and turquoise waters reminiscent of the Caribbean. Elafonissi is one of the most beautiful destinations near Chania! At the point where the peninsula splits, a small lagoon with warm waters is created, ideal for children. If you're the sporty type, the beach is perfect for surf and kite surf enthusiasts. Remember that Carwiz has many service stations throughout Crete. Choose a car rental in the center of Rethymno or Souda Port to find the right vehicle for you and let Carwiz guide you to unforgettable sandy beaches.

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Frangokastello Beach: Enjoyment and history in one place


With the Venetian fortress as a backdrop, the beach at Frangokastello offers moments of relaxation with a unique view. With clean waters and golden sands, the beach is suitable for families and all those who want to spend a calm day at the beach. However, Frangokastello is not among the windless beaches in Chania. As for your transportation, don't worry at all, as Carwiz offers car rentals in Hersonissos. And who knows? If you visit Frangokastello early in the morning, you might see the Drosoulites, the ghosts of soldiers, who according to legend, appear on the beach in early summer. Alternatively, you can always make a stop in Sfakia, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Chania.

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Falassarna: Enchanting sunset and golden sand


A beach for every taste and age. With a long coastline, sunbeds, and clean sand, it creates a setting that appeals to all visitors. The beach at Falassarna is divided into smaller beaches, with the most famous being the cosmopolitan Pachia Ammos! Also, you can discover several quiet and secluded small beaches in this area. Enjoy your time on the beach until the afternoon hours to admire the unique sunset. The beaches in Chania, Crete, are countless, and the distances between them are long. Trust Carwiz and travel as near or as far as you wish to visit some of the most romantic places in Chania.

Seitan Limania: Hidden beauty in a rare natural Fjord

Seitan Limania

Just 20 kilometers from the center of Chania, you will find Seitan Limania. A few years ago, the area was almost unknown, but after road works, the road opened, and more and more visitors began to visit the small and secluded coves. If you too want to see a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and swim in the turquoise waters under the shade of trees, complete car rentals in the center of Heraklion from Carwiz. Before you head to the beach, make sure to bring water and whatever else you need, as there are no organized facilities nearby. And if you want to avoid the crowds, choose a weekday for your swims.

Kedrodasos: Embraced by cedars and wild nature


Undoubtedly, it is one of the most precious treasures Crete has to offer. Just 2 kilometers east of Elafonisi, you'll reach Kedrodasos. The dirt road is passable and has many branches, but there are no signs to guide you. Once you reach the beach, you'll see a stunning cedar forest stretching along the coast. It's a well-known area for camping, so you'll see many other people enjoying the shade of the trees. The beach is mainly rocky, but there are enough sandy spots where you can lay your towel and leave your belongings. This beach in Chania is an excellent place to relax and snorkel, and when the wind picks up, it becomes a popular spot for wind and kite surfing.

If you arrive in Crete by air and land in Heraklion, you can proceed with car rentals at Heraklion Airport and continue your journey to Chania to discover magical beaches. Carwiz has offers and suggestions for car rentals at Heraklion Port as well, so you can see all you desire comfortably and safely! Search for the ideal destination for the best and most enjoyable dive, and experience the ultimate driving experience with the guarantee of Carwiz.

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