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Welcome to Rethymno!

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Rethymno is located on Crete, in a region rich in ancient history, near the former Minoan civilisation's centre. This town, with 40,000 inhabitants, will captivate you at first glance. Stone staircases, narrow streets, and a small Venetian harbour are just a few of the relics of the various cultures that have passed through Rethymno throughout history. Together with the fragrant sea and waves, they create a unique atmosphere in this colourful city that is worth experiencing.


The city was once under Greek, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine rule, which is why the architecture and appearance of this city are truly unique and reflect the city's and the island's historical stages.

Fortezza, a Venetian fortress, is one of Crete's best-preserved fortresses, and other attractions include the Neratze Mosque, the Great Gate or Porta Guora, the Rimondi Market, and the Venetian Port; Loggia.


Apart from cultural and historical attractions, a big reason to visit Rethymno is undoubtedly the traditional Cretan cuisine, which you won't be able to get enough of, especially olive oil and the unavoidable raki!

We'll see you in Rethymno!

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