Rent a car with a child seat!

Planning to rent a car with a child seat? Discover how to ensure a safe and comfortable rental experience for you & your family.
Rent a car with a child seat!

Are you getting ready to travel with your family and looking for the right vehicle to meet your needs? If you're traveling with kids, child seats are essential throughout the journey. Travel comfortably and, above all, safely with the help of Carwiz. Find the perfect solution for you and your family and proceed with car rentals with a child seat easily and quickly.

What to look out for to ensure maximum safety

On the Carwiz website, you will complete the car rental by adding the appropriate child seat, ensuring maximum safety for children of all ages. If you have chosen to reach your destination by air, for even more comfort and to avoid hassle, then the child seat will definitely be needed. Before you start your car vacation, it is extremely important to ensure that the child seat is installed correctly. Also, remember that the baby seat should always be facing forward and never facing backward when placed in the front seat. Read Carwiz's guide on car rental with a child seat and get ready for the safest journeys.

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# Choose the right size child seat 

child seat

For the safety and comfort of the child, when renting your car, you should choose and add a child seat that corresponds to their age. Additionally, make sure to strictly follow European legislation and use the correct restraint system. Keep in mind that young children should always be in the back of the vehicle and sit in the right car seat. However, in cases where this is not possible, for example, if the vehicle is a two-seater or if there is no space in the back, you can place the child seat in the passenger seat. Be careful though, because in this case, the seat should be rear-facing and not facing the airbag. If you are in the capital and looking for the ultimate kid-friendly destination, go for a car rental in Athens and enjoy unforgettable trips with your family.

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#Use car restraint systems correctly

child on the seat

The use of car restraint systems for children in the back seats is essential. Note that the seat belts are specially designed to provide maximum protection for children sitting in the back. For better and proper restraint, you should pass and fasten the seat belt according to the manufacturer's instructions. Don't forget that the seat belt must be wrapped and tightened to keep the child seat stable throughout the vehicle's movement. Finally, it is particularly important to remember that the seat belt is mandatory for children.

# Activating child safety on the rear doors

family road trip

Child safety on the rear doors of the vehicle is also extremely important. Usually, child safety locks are located on the inside of the two rear doors. Once you activate the child safety lock, you put it in the locked position, meaning the rear door will be impossible to open unless someone pulls the interior handle. To lock the safety in place, simply activate it using the car key. In some vehicles, the process may be even easier with the use of an "on-off" switch. This way, you will prevent any movement from children in the back of the vehicle from making any sudden movement that could cause the doors to open suddenly, even when the vehicle is in motion. For car rental in Thessaloniki, trust Carwiz and choose the safest vehicle for your travels.

# Don't place things on the shelf

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On both long and short journeys, when we have children with us, we tend to overload our vehicle with suitcases and small items. However, what should guide you is the safety of all passengers, especially the small children in the back of the vehicle. For this reason, you should pay special attention and place your luggage and anything else in the luggage compartment, leaving the shelf empty. This way, in case of sudden braking or an accident, you can avoid injuries from objects that may be thrown about. To be even more certain, make sure all suitcases and large luggage fit properly in the luggage compartment and are well secured. Additionally, be careful not to have loose items inside the car cabin to avoid any possibility of passenger injury.

A child seat in a rental car is essential for family outings as it reduces the margin of error and increases the safety of the children throughout the journey. Follow all the steps and take all the necessary precautions for yourself and your family. Shed the stress and set off for the most entertaining journeys with safety and confidence. For whatever reason you are traveling in Greece, Carwiz's rental cars are the unique and safest solution for your transportation. Choose Carwiz, the best car rental company, and find a wide range of vehicles on our website. Complete your reservation today with the reliability and professional support of Carwiz!

Rent a car with a child seat!

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