Welcome to Thassos!

Welcome to Thassos!

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This northernmost Greek island, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, has beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and charming mountain villages. Thassos, with its port of the same name, is rapidly growing in popularity as a tourist destination. This island has been known for its natural spas since ancient times, and it is still known today for its delicious olive oil and honey.

Our new Carwiz office is in Thassos, the island's largest city and port, also known as Limenas Thassos by the locals. Given the short distance between Limenas Thassos and any other point on the island, you can explore the entire island from there.

Many interesting ancient remains can be found in Limenas Thassos. The foundations of the ancient acropolis on the hill with the remains of the temples of Athena and Apollo, as well as the ancient agora, archaeological museum and ancient open-air theatre, which is still in use today.


Thassos is the ideal destination for those looking for a vacation surrounded by nature, thanks to its many historical attractions, activities, Mediterranean climate, incredibly clean beaches and sea and the flavours of Greek cuisine!

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