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Welcome to Kavala!

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Kavala, a town in the bay of the same name, is the largest seaport in eastern Macedonia. This city has had many names throughout history, from Naples in antiquity to Christoupolis during Byzantine rule to the current name of Kavala given by the Ottomans.  During the Ottoman rule, the city developed a lot and at that time an aqueduct was built and the Byzantine fortress of Panagia was expanded.

Today, the aqueduct and the fortress are the most famous symbols of this city. This old part of town, where the fortress of Panagia is located, has been keeping all the charm of Kavala in 2500 years of its turbulent history. Every step through the cobbled streets is magical, with colourful villas with wooden balconies, the irresistible smell of delicious food, warm sunshine, and crystal clear sea.
Interestingly, at the turn of the twentieth century, Kavala was one of the world's largest tobacco exporters, so today empty, renovated, and converted tobacco warehouses adorn the streets of this city, making it unique and even more interesting. This unusual town on the Greek coast is a blend of cultures and flavours; its mysterious charm reveals a completely different side of Greece worth discovering!

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